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Derid from TN wrote (June 07, 2010):
Nikwax is a very good product. If the blanket leaks significantly, nothing short of a new blanket will fix the product. However, I have been using this product and the wash for upwards of 5 years and there is no doubt the longevity of the blankets are preserved for use with Rambo, Weatherbeeta, Shire, Symtex, etc. With older blankets (> 3 yrs) I use the Rug Proof after every wash, with newer blankets at the end of season. I have Rambo & Weatherbeeta t/o blankets in excess of 8yrs old that are still waterproof with 24/7 hard use.
Virginia from Alabama wrote (March 04, 2010):
I was so excited about reading Ruth's review about this product working for her. Unfortunately this product didn't work for me. The next morning my horse was soaking wet. She was shivering and shaking. Although my blanket is 10 years old and is in descent shape. I guess i am going to have to replace it!
Ruth from Iowa wrote (November 04, 2009):
I had no idea that a blanket needed special soap until I noticed mine were no longer waterproof! Thank goodness in going on line I discovered the rug wash and rug proof of Nikwax. I used the product as per the simple instructions and now my blankets are completely restored and waterproof again--It saved me a lot of money in replacing blankets!