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Love This Blanket!
S. King from WA wrote (December 29, 2011):
Bought this blanket several months ago and I absolutely love it! I was nervous at first since there were no reviews at the time and I don't really like buying expensive things that I can't see first. But it fits the horse great and doesn't slip like another reviewer stated. I love that the withers are fairly high, making it so it doesn't cut into the horse's withers when used as a layer. I just toss a turnout over this blanket and everything stays in place while rolling and romping are done. I also like that the tail flap is smaller than most blankets, I've noticed that with bigger tail flaps horses tend to get poo all over their tails and that doesn't seem to happen as much with this blanket. The horse that wears it is a 16.2 hh Hungarian WB/Paint, very thick all over. Overall a great blanket.
Great blanket, but does slip a little
Stephanie from OR wrote (December 27, 2011):
I got this blanket a few weeks ago for my horse who needed an extra layer to keep him warm under his turnout blankets. I love the blanket, fits great, sits above his withers, all the straps are great. For a very reasonable price. The only thing is that when he lays down, it gets all messed-up so I'm pulling it back in the morning or taking it off. I don't mind it because I'm always doing something with his blankets anyways, but for some one that couldn't mess with it every morning it might not be great. It's slippery which is nice, really warm, and so far holding up well. The snaps are easy to use and it's really light in weight. I would reccommend it again, but you do need to know that it can slip.
from wrote (November 03, 2011):
very warm blanket
Kierra from WI wrote (November 12, 2010):
I bought this blanket for my pony last year and my only quam about it is that it slips. Every morning when I feed it is tipped to one side, and it is very anoying. I would have returned it but I missed the 30 day rule. Over all, it's made well, fits snug, and doesn't rip easly. Just be prepaired to return it.
T from KY wrote (March 29, 2010):
I have 10 of these. All horses are Thoroughbreds, ranging from a size 70 to 80. These were used all winter, and never rubbed any shoulders. Washed well, and I am very happy with them. One nice addition to the blanket would be a "D" to hang the blanket up. When washing, be sure to put the velcro together, if you don't it will attached itself to the nylon and cause a mark.