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Colbie from NV wrote (December 28, 2011):
This blanket does keep my horse very warm during the winter. However, the other horses in the pasture apparently bite at it, and pull it off the fence, so I've had to repair it twice. It's no biggie if you can do it yourself, but it might start costing a lot if you have it repaired professionally. It just seems to rip quite easily under pressure.
Elizabeth from Illinios wrote (January 17, 2011):
This is a great, durable blanket. My horse has worn it for three winters and it shows nearly no signs of wear, and it doesn't rub his mane like other blankets have.
pat mcdowell from ct wrote (December 20, 2010):
this is an excellent blanket. the size measured and ordered fits well and the quality is very good. I have never been disappointed in dover products
MrsAdams2007 from CO wrote (May 30, 2010):
I bought two of these to try out on two new horses that had never been blanketed before. They weren't a great investment at all. We didn't make it through the entire winter before they were shredded about the paddocks. I think they would be fine for a more "mature" horse who doesn't have curious friends! ;)
Ashli Adams from Colorado wrote (February 15, 2010):
I bought this as a trial blanket for two new horses. They are both ripped to shreds and unusable! Spend more and get a better Rider's blanket, they are great!
Katie from South Carolina wrote (January 16, 2010):
I had this blanket for around 2 weeks and when one day I came to the barn and found that my horses new Riders International Heavyweight turnout blanket had a huge on the rip on the side. Another at horse at my barn also has a he same blanket and his blanket ripped as well.
Lee from OK wrote (January 03, 2010):
I like the blanket itself but not the surcingle front closure. The elastic stretches out, allowing the surcingle to twist and come undone - posing a safety hazard to my horse. I am having to run a plastic zip tie through them until I can get them replaced with a more secure buckle closure.
Karen from Florida wrote (January 01, 2010):
This is my second turn out blanket -my pony managed to rip apart the first one during some full moon madness - so I immediately ordered a replacement because I like it so much. It fits him perfectly and is easy to get on and off. He is comfortable in it and well protected in cold weather. It also washes beautifully.
Joy from New York wrote (December 26, 2009):
I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and fit of this blanket! I have been a Rambo Rug long time customer, however I decided to try this one. A real bargain! Well made, fits great and I am thrilled with it. For the price it is outstanding...
Kathy from MA wrote (November 27, 2009):
Very nice blanket for the price, great fit nice and soft inside-durable outside.
sadie jellum from MN wrote (November 03, 2009):
I have now bought 2 of these blankets for my paint geldings and i love them! It gets cold here and I am happy with the temperature it keeps my horses. I love that the inside is lined for moisture as well. I would definatly stick with this blanket!
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
The Rider's blankets are nicely designed to fit my thoroughbreds, with good-quality, lightweight materials that don't rub shoulders or withers. I love the rip stop nylon lining, as it always seems to make the horse cleaner when I take off the blanket!