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garbage !
from MB wrote (July 10, 2012):
sadly I have spent 100's of dollars on this over the past 2 years - hoping it works, on many horses. Sadly it does not.
Love it
Happy Flysprayer Person from KY wrote (July 09, 2012):
I tried Ultra Shield EX because the other kind i usually get is not being made this year due to quality control issues. I love how it smells and it works great for my horse who is plagued by flies due to being surrounded by livestock farms. It doesn't seem to work on horseflies, but what does? It even seems to work on ticks. Yay! It does cost more, but I'd rather spend more on something that works for my horse than spend less and have to use more of it for no relief.
Works well, just not as a fly spray
Ally from VA wrote (July 06, 2012):
As far as repelling flies, this is not a great product. However it works very well as a coat conditioner and sunscreen
Jessie from LA wrote (April 22, 2012):
This fly spray is one of the most expensive fly sprays that doesnt work that well. It smells different and only works a little.
Cassie from New Jersey wrote (December 02, 2011):
This fly spray is ridiculously priced. It doesn't even work! It smells terrible, and it only works for killing ticks. If you spray it on it them it kills them, so you could buy it just to spray on ticks to kill them if you don't like pulling them out.