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Excellent fly mask - once modified
Lennie from IL wrote (April 17, 2012):
The concept is great! I have a morgan that tends to get rubs around his eyes from fly masks - this mask DOES NOT rub him! The only downsides: too large around the nose (easily fixed by making a couple gathers) and no hole to pull his forelock through the mask (again, easily fixed). His fly sheet has a hood that I can attach to the mask and this keeps it up on his head instead of falling down over his eyes. All in all, good mask. You may have to make a few tweaks to make it great.
Doesn't stay on!
Kelly from VA wrote (April 10, 2012):
I'm returning this today. I thought it was absolutely perfect for a horse I have with an eye injury, but it doesn't fit snuggly behind the poll, and the supports built in are so heavy, that at least twice a day I find that it has slid forward off of her ears, right down over her eyes. Great concept, but it needs some work - I'm going to exchange it for a cashel brand fly mask when I go back to Dover...