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VLance from WV wrote (June 30, 2011):
I am very happy with this product. My 5 yr old Belgian x TB mare was either a cold draft or a hot TB, and I never knew which I would be riding from day to day! And when she was in season, the moods were twice as bad. This supplement leveled off her moods--she is willing without being hot, and when she is in season, I don't notice any difference in her temperament. I will never go without it from now on and I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with a temperamental mare. This stuff is great!
Eliot from Texas wrote (January 31, 2011):
When I first started using this, I didn't notice any change. Then I increased the amount to 1 1/2 scoops per day, because my mare is larger than average. What a difference! This mare's heat cycles were so wicked, it was like riding a witch 2 weeks out of every month. Now I can't even tell when she is in heat; she's wonderful, attentive, eager to learn. Terrific product!
Roxana from Georgia wrote (October 13, 2010):
I swear by Mare Magic. I was giving my young boss mare quietex at first and saw no improvement. My trainer suggested Mare Magic and the results were almost immediate and really unbelievable. Once jump and very distracted, my mare now is loving, responsive and is really progressing in her training. This stuff really works!!
Deva from AZ wrote (June 12, 2010):
I love this product. I had a 10 yr old gelding that was abused when he was younger. Now instead of being the jumpy horse he was, he is now calm and able to progress with his training. I recomend this product to anyone with a mare or gelding that is jumpy, tense, and moody.
Kimberly from IL wrote (June 04, 2010):
Not 100% sure if this is going to help my Very Moody Mare or not. Been feeding it for over a month and really haven't seen much of a change in her. Been feeding it to my jumpy gelding also and I have seen him become a very lovable horse & not so jumpy . I will give it more time though for both before I decide to keep feeding it or not.