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sandra Berrie from Michigan wrote (June 12, 2009):
My vet had me order Cosequin for my Arab gelding. It has made it alot easier for him to make his sharp turns when circling him. I, also like the easiness of giving it to him. I will continue on giving it to him to keep him happier.
Maddie from Maryland wrote (January 07, 2009):
Best Supplement ever helped Me with My younger Pony with Lead Changes and more!
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
My older mare has been on Cosequin for over 5 years. While it is not something to correct an obvious lameness, it works well to help bring that 'spring' back in her step. She enjoys working more and is not as stiff during her warm-up. Also, it is a small volume to feed so I don't have to try and mask it in a large amount of feed. To me, the high cost is offset in the fact that it does seem to work for my girl. It may not work for everyone but it is a much better deal than some of those products that don't really contain what they claim to do or have not been tested.