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RC from Oregon wrote (July 26, 2011):
This is the only calming product I have found to actually work for my boy. It works within an hour and lasts for 5 to 6 hours. He is calmer, happier, and can focus better. He is alert once we start to work but can get a little sleepy if we stop.He was nippy, would toss his head, get bucky and spooky. But with this product he has quit being mouthy , spooky, and bucky. So I will continue to use this produce and recommend it to those that have horses that are nervous, worried and tense.
Melissa from KY wrote (July 27, 2009):
This has been the best Calming product I have ever used. It doesn't drug my horses, it just takes the edge off, but they still keep their ears forward and focus on their work. I show at the highest level of competition and there has been no problems with any testing. I love it, great job.