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GrayCatFarm from Iowa wrote (February 20, 2011):
This hoof supplement transformed my gray horse's white hooves from shelly brittle hooves that could not hold a shoe to hooves so strong I could return him to barefoot status. I highly recommend this product
Darlene B from Arizona wrote (January 10, 2011):
I have been using Farrier's Formula Double Strength for about 10 years now. When I started using this product, my gelding had real thin walls and feet that were very brittle. I took a picture of his feet just before starting this product and then took another picture six months after using it. The change in is feet were unbelievable. You could see the difference between the old foot and new growth. After his foot had totally grown out, which took about a year, his wall thickness had grown from about a 16th of an inch to over a quarter of an inch. It is great to see your horse running around the arena or in a show without any lameness or chipping. I recommend this to all my clients and friends and I would recommend it to you as well.