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Melissa from FL wrote (October 11, 2012):
Very disappointed that they stopped selling the fleece replacement liners. The fleece liner was supposed to be machine washable, which is why I bought it, but the first time in the washing machine it fell apart and is now unusable. Now I have a $200 girth I can't use because they discontinued the replacement liners.
Meg from AB from AB wrote (July 10, 2012):
I bought this girth because my horse is sensitive around his girth area and has to have a sheepskin lined girth or he will get big sores. I tried tons of girths before finding this one. It has everything I was looking for, Sheepskin lining, contouring, roller buckles and elastic at both ends. He is much happier in this girth but sometimes I find it a little bit slippery. If your willing to spend the money it is a great girth.
Kathy from New York wrote (September 19, 2011):
This girth looks good and is extremely well made. It is so convenient that the lining detaches for washing. It washes up really well and dries quickly. It looks brand new with very little effort. The girth has a "streamlined" look as the leather is flat with simple white stiching. Very elegant.
RLW from CA wrote (August 18, 2011):
Not nearly the quality I expected for the price. The "leather" overlay feels like a thick plastic, and the sheepskin really feels like synthetic fleece. In addition, the color is not oakbark, but more of a havana brown. Returned this item right away.
Chesley,Dover Staff from RI wrote (June 26, 2009):
I purchased this girth as a show girth but find myself using it daily. Cleaning is a breeze being able to remove the sheepskin lining. I was afraid of washing and ruining the sheepskin at first but it washes so well in the washing machine. Just use a delicate detergent like the Mattes melp,Leather therapy wash, or even woolite. I also purchased an additional liner that is great to swap out on those really hot horse shows.