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better then I thought
Sarah from CT wrote (April 15, 2012):
I got this because I have one shoulder that likes to creep forward. I made the straps tighter on that side and it has made a big difference.
Lily from OH wrote (September 05, 2011):
Awkward strap in the front but otherwise ok
Eica from massachusetts wrote (September 01, 2010):
Amazing ! I was so shocked it worked! Everyone at my barn is now getting one. Helped me sit back and sit up! It was incredible.
Lori from Texas wrote (March 02, 2010):
Very nice and it works! I always round my shoulders and this helps during riding and I no longer have to think about it. My hope is that it will help my posture when I am not wearing it too. I would say to wear a shirt under it, the shoulder straps were a little scratchy. Other than that, it is very comfy.