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Horsey from WA wrote (October 10, 2012):
A lady at my stables has this, if she has it, it is high quality1 She buys nothing but the best and after one ride in it I was hooked!
Beautiful Color. Plush Quilting
Elizabeth H. from TX wrote (April 06, 2012):
I bought the turquoise pad for my bay pinto Friesian/Saddlebred gelding and it looks gorgeous on him! I've already had several compliments on it and today was the second time I've used it. My trainer said she wonders what material they use to make the pads so bright and pretty. The material is nice and sturdy and fits well under my AP Wintec saddle. I might mention, in the pictures online, the pads look satiny. However, they are not. They do have some lovely cord trim around the edges though. Nice touch.
L O V E !
Ally F. from MD wrote (March 01, 2012):
I love love love love this pad!!! I got a teal one because it was my favorite color and it was the only teal pad i could find. It looks amazing with all horses and i lost track of how many complements i got on it after 50. i love that it actually does wick away sweat! I used it during summer when i got it and no sweat at all on the horse! I also washed it with cold water and mild detergent and came out feeling and looking new! I really really want the navy pad now :) Thanks, Roma!
Ally from FL wrote (February 25, 2012):
I got a teal pad in the mail last night. Originally I ordered the red in hope to match it witth my red polo wraps, but the raspberry is much lighter in person then on on the computer. Almost looked pink in the sunlight. But sent it back in for the teal and I loved it! I ride a black horse and it looks wonderful on him! It is NOT to thin. And I love it because all myy other pads end up slipping back by the time my lesson (hunter/jumper) is over. This one stayed in place for the entire hour lesson. Great pad, would buy another.
S from TX wrote (February 06, 2012):
This is a wonderful pad! It's very thick and padded. It also fits my long-flap 17.5 saddle very well. With most pads, the flaps of the saddle go over the girth strap. It has a very reasonable price, and it's very pretty. I would definitely buy another one!
mozzy from MA wrote (January 11, 2012):
I disagree with the previous review, this pad is pretty thick for a standard pad, fluffier than any of the others that were in the store excluding the puffy pillow pads (of course). Definitely wicks moisture away well. Fun colors. Long enough to fit my dressage saddle when needed too, unlike many of the other all purpose pads. Pretty good price for the quality. I'd get another.
Ashley from VA wrote (December 02, 2011):
These are really pretty colors, but after a year, the girth guard, the strap you pass the girth through, is starting to wear down. Below the girth strap it is also pretty worn, but the pad is still usable. It brings the sweat away from the horse REALLY well, meaning that you don't have to flip the pad upside down to dry it. This pad is REALLY thin, so you NEED to have some other pad under it to pad the horses back.