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Best Saddle
Caroline from ON wrote (June 09, 2012):
I bought this saddle in April, and I absolutely love how if feels on my horse. I am secure and can sit on my balance point. It looks great and is fabulous value for money. I am going to get a second one for my narrower horse--I have 5 horses and it fits 2 of them well. I love it! I only wish it came in an x-wide option. It's too narrow for 2 of my horses and I bought the wide one.
An amazing Saddle for a great price
from NJ wrote (January 14, 2012):
I bought this saddle for it's sticky feel, soft leather and the knee roll/stitching. I LOVED IT and i still LOVE IT. I got it for christmas three years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. Still soft, still sticky and i haven't had troubles with my horse like some of the other reviews. It is really a great saddle for it's price, because i know a lot of saddles that felt like this in the tack shop were in the 2 grand area. I would definitely recommend this saddle to anyone, Not to mention i get great comments on its look and my position was instantly changed when i started riding in it.
Sam from PA wrote (September 08, 2011):
Saddle looked nice in the catalog. But after only a few months the panels spread and hurt my horse. The cheap price is not worth the pain to my horse
JK from OR wrote (July 21, 2011):
I love this saddle...its comfy and fits my horse really well....the only thing i can coment on is that the stitching to my thigh block came undone...but all in all i love this saddle :)
Laura from Pennsylvania wrote (May 08, 2011):
I tried this on in the Dover store in an 18, and I LOVE IT! I'm not in need of such a large size, but my legs are so long that it works out great! I hope to be able to test it out soon.
Alex from AL wrote (April 03, 2011):
I love this saddle!! I went to the shop to buy my first saddle and this was the second one I tried and the shop owner couldn't get me out of it! It's super comfy, good for long hours of vigorous riding, and has almost "sticky" leather that keeps you in place. I've had mine for only three months now and have cleaned it a couple times, the dye came out the first couple washes but it still looks amazing. I had to order a long flap and when it came it was much darker than the one I sat in, so when some of the dye washed out it looked great! This saddle also helps me with my jumping position! I can already tell that my position has improved, and I love the adjustable knee blocks and thigh blocks! I would definitely recommend this saddle!
Faith from MA wrote (January 04, 2011):
I love love love this saddle! I bought it from the Dover store, and I was very impressed. I sat in several other saddles, including a Bates, a Peter Wylde and at least three from the Circuit line, but I found this to be the most comfortable. The leather is super grippy and soft, and feels already broken in. It does scratch easily, but with some conditioner it's hardly noticeable. The adjustable knee blocks are super nice! I can finally adjust my knee position depending on what horse I'm riding, and what I'm doing. I recommend buying this during a sale, because it comes with some beautiful matching leathers made of the same grippy, soft leather.
Julie from Oregon wrote (October 15, 2010):
I would never reccomend this saddle. It broke down within 2 months of owning it and caused my 8 year old throughbred mare to have serious back problems, even though it helped my jumping position10 fold i wouldnt reccomend this sadlle
sarah from IL wrote (June 24, 2010):
lovee this saddle. first saddle i bought after my wintec, i'm never going back to synthetic. broke in so easily.. my stitching has not even come loose, i've had it for 7 months. i would deff buy another m. toulouse.
Sarah from CA wrote (May 27, 2010):
great saddle and feels amazing to do high jumps in. very supporting in every way and breaks in easily! i recommend to anyone! the stitching never came off for me... i guess you just have to take care of it!!
Harrison from NJ wrote (March 28, 2010):
love this saddle! i just got it a couple weeks ago and its been great. i love riding in it! its a great saddle for a great price! the saddle also looks very cool, it reminds me of the Prestige Jumper saddle!
Allie from MD wrote (March 09, 2010):
I love this saddle!! I've been using mine for about 2-3 months now and it has helped my riding so much. The stitching and leather still looks brand new. However, the one downside is the leather reinforcement at the bottom of the flap is very uncomfortable if you're not wearing half chaps or tall boots. Besides that this is a great saddle!!
Nicole from KY wrote (February 02, 2010):
I love this saddle. It has helped my jumping position 100% and is holding up very nicely. Very easy to break in and doesn't take long for it to conform to the horse. I am very pleased and recommend it to all jumpers:)
C from CT wrote (December 03, 2009):
Broke in very easily and is easy to buff out scratches. Very comfortable. Great buy.
alyssa from Florida wrote (November 03, 2009):
THE STITCHING CAME OFF! i had only had it for 2 months and it want bad after the first 2 weeks.
K from IN wrote (June 21, 2009):
This saddle is very comfortable. The leather is beautiful; scratches buff out easily and it takes oil well. Jumping is a breeze in this saddle and great for flatwork as well. The stitching has held up well and it broke in easily.
Madison from VA wrote (May 09, 2009):
I test rode this saddle & found the twist to be unusually wide. I found it to be uncomfortable.
George Tucson from New Jersey wrote (May 06, 2009):
All the stitching came off!
Emy from canada wrote (April 04, 2009):
it is a very good saddle !