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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Cakey, Dash & Don from CA wrote (September 28, 2012):
Absolutely love this saddle! So comfortable and puts you in a great riding position. Worth the money!
Mary from North Carolina wrote (June 16, 2010):
This is a great saddle. It has really improved my seat and leg. Ever since I got it, my dressage test scores have kept improving. I am only 13 and people keep telling me I am too young for such a nice saddle, but oh well. And as for the price, what do you expect? It's Hermes. A French designer! DESIGNER! KIND OF LIKE DESIGNER CLOTHES! It is a designer saddle. :-) <3
Karen from IL wrote (May 22, 2010):
Incredible saddle extremely well made, beautiful and durable leathers, extremely comfortable from the start, puts your leg in a great position and fits several of my horses. However the only downside is my Trainer keeps trying to steal it and yes the price will set you back a little. I have ridden in numerous saddles in my 30 years and now I will only have an Hermes!
Elle and Bambi from Louisiana wrote (February 04, 2010):
I loke this saddle just as much as my $2,000 one. Its comfy but not worth the price at all. I may return it.
Mary Cole from Virgina wrote (September 21, 2008):
Once I test rode this saddle, I thought it was wonderful. My gelding performance in the dressage ring has improved dramactically. The only thing that I did'nt care for was the price, but this saddle was worth it.