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Not the same saddle pictured
spiller from KS wrote (August 26, 2012):
If you order this saddle it will not be the one in the picture. Delgrange no longer makes the P.J. and it is no longer made in France. You will get a saddle stamped P.J. and made in Morocco. Not the same quality as the old Delgrange and way overpriced.
Completely different than the old saddles
Candace S. from PA wrote (February 17, 2012):
My friend has an old (10+) PJ by Bruno Delgrange that Ive always loved. I went to the store to look into buying a new one and was VERY disappointed. It seems they are no longer being made by Bruno Delgrange...and the drop in quality shows!!! They shouldnt even use the same model names.
Lisa from California wrote (June 28, 2011):
By far the best saddle I've ridden in. It fits the rider perfectly and is very comfortable. I've had mine for 5 years now and its still in great condition, never had a problem with it. the price is worth it 100%
Courts from CA wrote (December 01, 2010):
I have riden in my trainers Pj Original. My part of a group lesson ends early because my horse isn't as fit as the others but the saddle is SO comfortable that I stick around to sit on this saddle!! It has lated her years and has NO TEAR!! AMAZING SADDLE!! It also locks you legs in the correct position and gives the rider support to sail easily through the jumper course. Great quality!
Caitlin from Tx wrote (April 30, 2010):
I have a PJ original that is twenty years old and I think it will last me forever! It has perfect hip to heel balance and amazing leather that is soft and grippy, yet has stood the test of time. I switched from a cheaper cc saddle that ran me $1000 new, purchased this saddle for less than $600 used, and my trainer said I was a different rider overnight. Don't let the balloon knee flaps turn you off. They are very squishy and don't get in the way. I don't think they really feel different from any other saddle's flaps that I've ever ridden in. Anyway, I have nothing bad to say and I will never ride in a different saddle again. Delgrange is the way to go!
Megan from Florida wrote (April 09, 2010):
I was at a show and was looking for a new saddle. I sat in this one and sighed it was the most comfortable saddle. But sadly i didnt get it. I had to wait for my new horse. But i am so getting one.. BEST SADDLES EVER!
tr?sbien! from MI wrote (March 03, 2009):
I sat in at least 50 saddles until this one, then I gave a sigh of relief. It felt great, and still does. It fits most horses TB/WB; the balance is perfect (panels are just the right thickness, seat is balanced, good angle hip-to-knee). The leather and craftsmanship is the best quality. Others have taken it for a spin and not only did they want to keep it, their position visibly improved. Trainer highly approved. If well cared for and fits the horse, you won't ever have to buy another saddle. Worth the investment.
Mary from Pennsylvania wrote (February 18, 2009):
This is the most comfortable and supportive saddle I have ever owned! I will definitely buy another when my current one wears out.