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Good saddle for a budget, but know what you're going to get.
SamiNut from IL wrote (January 18, 2012):
I purchased this saddle in 2008 when I outgrew the Collegiate I had. Since the fall of 09 I have ridden in this saddle at least once a day. I still have it and I still ride 2-5 horses a day in it. I've started 9 young horses under saddle with it so it has endured plenty of tough days, as well as going for long periods of time without being properly maintained, and it is still in good condition. With that being said it is definitely a $900 saddle. The leather is stiff and slick. It had been oiled countless times. I have tried everything, soaking it in oil and Belvoir Leather Balsam, manipulating the leather, riding in it. The bottom flap and billet straps are still fairly stiff (although the top flap and knee roll are a little more broken in). It doesn't offer optimum leg support, nor does it give you the closest contact between your leg and your horse. But that is why the saddle is 900 dollars instead of 4,000. The leather will never be as grippy as higher-end saddles, but as long as it is taken care of it
Jessica from South Carolina wrote (October 25, 2011):
I Love this saddle when 1st test riding it i thought no way but I rode it again and you can't get me to switch saddles if you paid me !!!! LOve it . Highly Reccomend !!