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LJ from Mass wrote (October 03, 2010):
This is the very best whip I've ever used. It's so perfectly balanced--you can balance it on your fingertip where the handle meets the whip shaft. This makes it very easy to use and very precise. It's just like a natural extension of my arm: I can forget about maneuvering the whip and concentrate on my training instead. There is just no comparison between this and the cheap whips you find everywhere. I won't ever by another brand! Great for dressage, and also wonderful for use in natural-horsemanship-type groundwork. I find it much easier to use than the stick-and-string combos sold for this purpose (which are often too heavy and unbalanced).
marisha from nh wrote (July 13, 2010):
this whip is great, it is very pretty and it does its purpose, i have had this whip for about 4 months and it looks brand new! and its very durable, but i put a braiding band around it at the bottom because it started to fray more than i would like.
Cory from Washington wrote (February 06, 2010):
very cute whip. When I forget my whip at the stables, (which is most of the time) no body confuses mine with the other plain black whips that everyone else has! fun colors, and pretty durable.
Kayleigh from Kentucky wrote (September 20, 2009):
This is a wonderful dressage whip. It is the perfect size and the color is beautiful!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cute, and girly dressage whip!!