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Ann Marie from P.A wrote (September 29, 2011):
The grip is so comfortable and balances the whip,eliminateing fatigue to my wrist & shoulder.My mares are responding well to clicker training
Sheila from California wrote (July 06, 2011):
Ok I haven't purchased this but had to make a comment on the description. The clicker may make the horse move forward if it hasn't been clicker trained but any clicker trainer will know that the click ends the behavior and the horse will want the treat. However, I think it would be a great tool depending on the quality of the whip.
James from TX wrote (June 29, 2011):
This lunge whip has increased the level of communication between horse and ridder.. I have had amazing results with this product!
Lauren from New Jersey wrote (June 10, 2011):
Great training aid! A must have..very comfortable to use & I have had a lot success with clicker training all of my horses.
bahor from oregan wrote (June 02, 2011):
works good and the clicker helps good to. worth ur money