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Lesley from Tbilisi wrote (January 17, 2011):
A good choice for a horse with bit issues. My horse, who'd been previously jerked in the mouth, just took to it and goes on a nice soft contact now.
Tanya from MD wrote (November 09, 2010):
This is an extremely refined bit with a smaller center section than the standard design. Being used on a horse with a low palate and wide bars.
Zafira from IA wrote (December 19, 2008):
This bit saved my sanity! My Thouroughbred was so stiff in her jaw and neck with a regular snaffle. I tried every bit I could think of. A friend reccomended the Dynamic and I just love it. My horse does too! Now she's soft and on the bit, and doesn't brace her jaw. It cleans up nicely and warms up easily, even when it has been frozen out at the barn. The greatest! Thanks, Sprenger!