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Stubben Winged Snaffle
rockingchair rider from CA wrote (April 23, 2012):
I like the pinchless sides for young horses and the copper encourages the mouth to salvate. I bought this bit to put on an older mare that did NOT like carrying or working in a bit at all. She accepted this one readily and stopped tossing her head and and opens her mouth to accept the bit with it just resting under her lips. Can't beat that.
Peggy from Georgia wrote (July 06, 2010):
I really love this bit and my horse does too! I'm never worried about pinching her because of the wings. Great bit....I would definately recommend it.
Anonymous from Anonymous wrote (May 09, 2010):
Great bit! I love the "wings" idea and this bit works amazingly well with my horse! The only thing I'm not too fond of is the price.