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Sara from NY wrote (January 20, 2010):
I really like this bit....I used a slow twist bit before I purchased the 2ring happy mouth and I get better control and my horse has been a pleasure to ride.
Elizabethy from North Carolina wrote (February 15, 2009):
Well I had a happy mouth D- ring but my horse, Luna, kept pulling on the bit. I needed a little more severe bit because of her a lways pulling her head. I couldn;t find one of these bits anywhere local, So i looked online. Now Luna doesnt pull one bit!! get it? one BIT you get it? i bought a bit and well, Nevermind then. But really, this is a great bit it changed my life!!! ok i admit, that is a little over it(the whole "it changed my life!" thing) but really it is a great bit.