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Get an aluminum scraper!
Concertina from PA wrote (June 25, 2012):
Get an aluminum sweat scraper. This one doesn't have a good enough edge to really scrape the water off. It also is really long and hard to maneuver.
Azula from CA wrote (September 14, 2011):
Good sweat scraper but a little long.
natalie from virginia wrote (August 20, 2010):
this works ok it doesnt seen to have a sharp enough edge to get all the water deep in the coat it is comfortable in your hand but kinda dull
Meghan Sara from TX wrote (July 18, 2009):
This fits well in my hand & works great to remove water from the horses, even in hard to reach areas!
Mika from OR wrote (December 23, 2008):
this is a very nice sweat scraper very hardy and fits in your hand very nicely i love it