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Exactly What He Needed
Maggie from MD wrote (May 15, 2012):
My horse had been in the same thick eggbutt snaffle for over 2 years and recently he began to express signs of discomfort such as gaping open his mouth or yanking the reins down. After trying everything else, being a sensitive horse, I decided to try a new bit. I was apprehensive about how he would react to a loose ring as well as the narrower bit but he LOVES it!! He's relaxed, responsive, and he doesn't try to spit it out. No more flash, back in a plain snaffle bridle and happy as ever. I highly recommend this bit. It's well made and it gets the job done with some finesse.
Erin from TN wrote (January 03, 2012):
My horse seems to like this. Of course, she has never complained about any snaffle I've tried, but she seems content and it fits welland true to size. I wasn't expecting the beautiful case it came in. Great job again, Dover!!
Molly from Missouri wrote (January 14, 2011):
Great bit, my horse loves it but there is some scuffing and edges that I had to sand off on one of the cheek pieces. Looked like some rough handling that damaged the product more than anything.
EC from VT wrote (December 18, 2010):
Love this bit, inexpensive, great look, and a perfect fit!
Crystal from MA wrote (July 09, 2010):
Perfect starter bit for my draft cross mare; she is light in the hand and salivating like a dressage pro. Beautifully packaged and presented like a piece of fine jewelry for your horse.
Rainer from FL wrote (May 15, 2010):
Great bit!! My green mare just loves it. She also takes a 6" and those are not easy to find.
Dylan Vance from California wrote (April 23, 2010):
Fantastic bit. Ordered simply expecting a French Link but was impressed by the quality and style of the bit. It's thinner mouthpiece makes it beyond what I expected for the price.
Shayna from NC wrote (February 08, 2010):
My horse LOVES this bit! We both love it so much I have two...!! also the cheapest price on the net, so far!!
Maddy from CA wrote (September 04, 2009):
This bit has been great. A little skinnier than I thought it would be, I can't complain. Works great for my horse. However, if you want a thicker snaffle, try something else.