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Pretty nice.
M from IL wrote (August 26, 2012):
I absouletly adore this product! It's usper cute and the shape gives you a much better grip than any other hoof pick I've ever held! I was worried about the pick being a little too dull but it works great! But, I find myself using this less and less daily. The only reason being is that I thought not having a burhs wouldnt be so bad, but it's really driving me crazy! Espically when the dirt you pick out leaves some dust behind and I can't wipe it away. But I'm a total OCD clean freak. If your okay with having no brush you'll have no problem with this hoof pick.! And the price is fairly reasonable aswell.
Great hoof pick!
Rachel from IA wrote (June 10, 2012):
I was given this hoof pick as a gift and love it! Not only is it adorable, the boot serves as a great secure handle when picking hooves. Great item!
rose from Mass wrote (November 12, 2011):
This hoof pick is adorable! My cousin and I each have a different color (one blue, one green) and both look great! My only problem is that it doesn't have a brush, but its cuteness makes up for that.