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Grooming Box
Lindsey from WA wrote (July 11, 2012):
I bought this grooming box because I thought it would fit everything perfectly. In the pic that was online and in the magazine it looked like their where a lot of different compartments and places to store different objects. However there is one divider and a small area for smaller objects. It was to big to fit in my tack trunk the way I wanted it t. Now I'm using it for when I go to shows and need to carry a lot of stuff. It takes up a lot of space and doesn't hold much. I would not recommend this!
It's okay...
Laura from PA wrote (May 29, 2012):
I had this box for about a year, and during then it was wonderful! Some trouble getting the dividers in, but not really a problem. It fit all my stuff and the little top tray was very convenient for tiny things. But just recently I went to open it and the plastic snap snapped off! So now the handle is unusable. I'm also disappointed that this product is now so expensive... when I bought mine it was under $20, but paying $50 for it WON'T be worth it, so don't get this box.
Cool Idea; Poor Quality
TexasSerendipity from TX wrote (May 07, 2012):
Expensive box that, in theory, is wonderful to keep your grooming tools organized. Love the idea but this box is cheaply made and the latches and plastic clips broke off quickly. Don't waste your money
Kristi Luepke from WI wrote (November 23, 2011):
This is a TERRIBLE box. the middle divider is flimsy, hard to put in, the clip broke after one clipping close, dont get this box!