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Good Brush
Lind from WA wrote (July 10, 2012):
This brush is very sturdy and high quality. I would highly recommend it!
Sarah from MA wrote (February 26, 2012):
This brush works great, and it gets the tangles out of my mare's shaggy mane quickly and efficiently!
hi from wrote (December 25, 2011):
I love this brush! It works amazing!
Marry from Ohio wrote (September 14, 2011):
I love this brush.It works great.
Jennifer from PA wrote (February 20, 2011):
LOVE this brush! I would always loose bristles with other brushes, because my pony has a long think mane like a Gypsy Vanner horse. And this is heaven compared to any other brush I've ever used.
Horselover from VA wrote (December 02, 2010):
I got this brush 8 months ago, and I love it. I use it on manes and tails and it works wonderously! None of the bristles have snapped off, either!
Happy Customer from Maryland wrote (August 31, 2010):
This is the best product you can get for your horse's mane and tail! My friend always had trouble with her Draft's hair because it always broke the brush, but I use this on my extremely thick, almost curly-haired TB and it works wonders! NO bristles have fallen out after about 3 years! And, I lost it for about 6 months in my barn where there are lessons and it got thrown around everywhere and probably used by multiple people, and when I found it it was still intact! INCREDIBLE product!!!
Kady from NH wrote (June 07, 2010):
I got this brush and it work soooo good. I love it. It works on cats too.
Lexi from Kentucky wrote (February 14, 2010):
Works miracles!!!!! Really worth the price. If your horse has a thick mane or tail, you need this badly :)
ashley from kentucky wrote (December 29, 2009):
I got this brush several months ago and it works wonders. Once I got it and saw how well it worked I went to take care of my neighbors horse as I always have but brought it over and he has a thick mane, that probally hasn't been brushed in 10 years withing 15 minuites i was half way done
Teresa from PA wrote (October 18, 2009):
This brush is worth every single penny! My horse has a ridiculously thick, wavy tail, and this is the only brush that stands a chance against it. Any other cheap comb breaks, but this Oster brush gets every last tangle out without a battle and without losing a single bristle! Its a tack box must now!
Oster Rocks! from Michigan wrote (April 28, 2009):
This brush seems like its really expensive. Trust me, I was biting my nails as I hit the purchase button. lol. But I kept getting cheaper quality brushes for about 3 dollars each, and in a month 3 of them broke. I spent more on those bad quality brushes, than just buckling down and buying the Oster brush. I bought this brush, and I've been SO happy with it for over 2 months. Have not had any problems, not even a bristle coming loose! Except for the problem of all my friends constantly asking how I keep my horses tail so neat of course. ;]
Leann from Virginia wrote (February 28, 2009):
Love this brush. Will be the last mane & tail brush you ever need to buy!! Worth the $$
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
I really like this brush. It is another quality brush from Oster. I highly recommend it for horses with long, thick manes and tails.