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Angela Rose from CA wrote (March 03, 2012):
I bought these bands cause the ones i had kept breaking. I love them! They're really stretchy and they hold really well. I also like them cause I can use them again. The only complaint I have is it takes awhile to unwrap after the braids, but other than that, they're great.
Cara from MA wrote (January 18, 2010):
I really like these, they work well and don't pull any hair out.
Jamie from NC wrote (November 05, 2009):
Love these becuase they are thinner and easier to use plus the packaging that they come in is much better than the normal platic bags that most bands come in....easy to close and easy to access!
Krystal from Washington wrote (September 28, 2009):
I love these braiding bands! they look so good on my horse and stay put during the ride! I use them for shows and taming my horses mane they are great!
AP from Alberta wrote (July 27, 2009):
These bands work good, I use them for braiding and banding. They stay in good and look good. I like all the different colors that they come in!!!
Roxanne from Texas wrote (May 28, 2009):
When I braided with these, they broke during my test and about five of his braids came out during my ride. Then I tried them at home just to keep my horses mane to one side and they broke again. I personally would not by them or recommend them to anyone, sorry!