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Best Hoof Pick!
Kara from ME wrote (June 11, 2012):
This hoof pick works great! It gets the job done easily, and I don't see the point in getting a more expensive one when this has no problems at all! The brush is really helpful, and the grip adds a nice touch.
Mimi from MD wrote (March 04, 2012):
I love this hoofpick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle from Ohio wrote (September 13, 2011):
Love this hoof pick.My horse gets thrush easily,and this really keeps his hoofs clean.My only complant is it got rusty pretty quickly.Otherwise great buy.Definatly recomend it.
To Katie in Wisconsin, Thank you for taking the time to post your review. Storing the pick in a sealable bag should keep rust at bay. If you have a silica gel pack in the bag as well, it will absorb any excess moisture. Good Luck!
Katie from Wisconsin wrote (April 29, 2011):
I had liked this pick very much when I first bought it. Now I am horrified to see rust coming on the pick. I wiped it clean after each use not using water. Did I do something wrong or how do i prevent it from rusting!
Rachel from NH wrote (March 20, 2011):
I love this hoof pick. I've tried others, but I will never buy a different one again
ashley from kentucky wrote (June 10, 2010):
works really well i got spoiled with the brush and when i tried to use one without one it was a little harder to not sweep it out with the brush.
Laura from Michigan wrote (February 25, 2010):
This is probably the best hoof pick you could find around. I definitely recommend buying it if you don't already have one, the brush is a really nice touch!
Katie from CT wrote (February 03, 2010):
This is an awsome hoof pick. I have had mine for over a year and it is still working great!!
Kate from PA wrote (May 25, 2009):
This is your standard issue hoof pick with brush - an item necessary for any grooming tote! Works great, gets the job done, and the grip is a nice touch. Recommended!
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
This is very well made, and should last a LONG time. I think that I have many clean hooves in my future!