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Great quality for the money!
Kara Judge-Dover Buyer from NH wrote (May 21, 2012):
These are the softest leathers at an amazing price. They hold up very well and are very adjustable. I love the 1/2 hole feature. You can not feel them under your leg at all.
Karen from CA wrote (March 19, 2012):
I love the 1/2 holes. It is so nice to be able to make small changes in length. The leather is very soft. I have owned a pair for 8 months now, so far no stretching!
Julia from CA wrote (March 06, 2012):
These are the nicest stirrup leathers I have ever used. I have used many brand and these are in a class of their own. The leather is very soft and high quality. They are very supple with out being flimsy. They hold their shape throughout many rides. I have used mine for many hours over three years. I will definitely buy another pair.
Mischa from CA wrote (February 08, 2012):
Soft, high quality leather. Last a long time. Awesome.
Shannon from FL wrote (January 29, 2012):
Love them!!!!! I wish there weere more stars I could give. These last a long time, feel good under the leg, don't rub the saddle, and look great. I love the soft leather.
Anna from MD wrote (September 11, 2011):
If i could i would give these 10 stars! They are the best stirrup leathers out of the many I have tried in my life. What i love the most is that they hardly leave any marks on my saddle unlike most leathers. I really wish Dover would carry the other colors as well because I had to order mine from another site. DOVER PLEASE CARRY THE OTHER COLORS, I NEED A NEW SET!
Val from UT wrote (February 25, 2011):
Very soft premium leathers. I have used mine for about 3 months now and have not noticed any stretching. They are wearing very well and have also been gentle on my new saddle which is wonderful! Definitely worth the price and I will buy again next time I need new leathers.
Kelly from TN wrote (January 26, 2011):
However, I received Passier Lined Stirrup Leathers a week ago in black. They match my Albion saddle perfectly. The leathers are soft and of high quality leather. The holes are close together to allow for precise length adjustments. The curved buckle and thin design of the stirrups eliminate unnecessary bulk between you and your horse. Can't vouch for their durability yet since I haven't had them that long but they should last a long time since they are such high quality. I didn't buy my passier leathers from Dover because I needed a smaller size than they offered.
Cat from IA wrote (April 13, 2010):
High Quality. Soft- so less rub on saddle...yet nylon lined so no worries about stretching. Great Price. Very Happy.
Erica from NH wrote (March 14, 2010):
These are very high quality leathers from Passier at surprisingly reasonable price. I bought these leathers at the same time I bought my brand new Kieffer dressage saddle and they have done a very nice job so far of not rubbing my saddles flaps, due to their super soft leather. The 1/2" spaced holes is a great feature for riders which are picky about their stirrup length (like me).
Jenna from WI wrote (June 20, 2009):
Great quality at reasonable price