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Catherine from CO wrote (May 10, 2011):
Purchased my first pair about 5 yrs ago which are starting to show some wear. It was also interesting to see that my old ones were still both the same length -- so very minimal stretching. I'm 5'7" and the 28" are plenty long, even for dressage work. The new pair has an extra layer of reinforcement on the back, which makes it a tight fit through my stirrup irons. They also have a leather sleeve that fits over the adjustment. Both of these new features should make them even sturdier. I love not having a buckle under my seat!
Mary G. from MI wrote (November 27, 2010):
At first I really liked these leathers. Then after only a couple of rides I discovered the synthetic backing was marking up The French doubled leather of my saddle.
CJ from Colorado wrote (July 09, 2010):
Am really enjoying the light weight and lack of bulk of these webbers. I found that putting the loop end through the stirrup made them easy to install. Sizing tip - I'm 5'3" and the 28" length is great for me, but not long enough for my leggy 5'9" husband.
Fred from California wrote (December 19, 2009):
At first I loved these Webbers, less bulk under the leg and very easy to adjust from the saddle. However, after one season of show-jumping and eventing the slot that the hook fits in is starting to tear. It is already torn about a quarter inch. I don't think they will make it through another season. I'm a 200 lb male rider, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.
Nikki Taylor-Smith from Texas wrote (September 26, 2009):
This is the third pair of bates leather webbers that I have purchased. The first pair have lasted nearly 3 years and are now a little frayed and so I ordered a new pair just recently to replace them. I ordered a second pair in longer length for my daughter who is still using them. They are easy to change lengths for different riders, easy to put on and as there is no bulkiness under your legs are very comfortable to ride in. I would recommend them to anyone, not just those who do dressage.
Melis from Istanbul wrote (May 07, 2009):
Great leathers. Very easy to use and adjust, very comfortable. Doesn't bulk under one's leg so it feels great. They are however a bit hard to get through the stirrups but once that's solved you're guaranteed to have a great ride with them.
Jess from NH wrote (April 05, 2009):
I love these leathers. You don't know they are there. The only thing I don't like about them is they can be hard to get through your stirrup because you have to get the metal hook end through. Also, when you are taking them down you do have to make sure you insert them correctly, I've not gotten one side in far enough and it slipped down when I was mounting. Otherwise they are awesome.