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Emily M from MA wrote (August 28, 2012):
These stirrup leathers are very stiff. No matter how much I condition them they are still stiff. They also made major rubs on my saddle.
A.B. from NM wrote (May 26, 2012):
Not really pleased with these leathers. really stiff despite the usual methods. bulky under the leg. but useable and match my saddle.
I LOFF These Leathers!
Eileen Kortright from VA wrote (May 19, 2012):
I bought a pair of these for my brown Ansur treeless and loved them so much I bought another pair for my Duett Foxhunter and I even started using them on my black dressage saddles. The only ARGH! I have with these is that they do not come in black! ARGH! I want these in BLACK!
Great Buy!!!
Ally F. from MD wrote (March 01, 2012):
I was looking for an affordable pair of leathers and saw these. I love them so much! They are very affordable and i love the darker brown color. I have had these for a little over a year and they have barley worn down, even switching them from saddle to saddle since i don't have my own. At first they were a bit stiff but that is because they were new. I also had to share my leathers with a few other people and they had no problem with them- they have a many holes to choose from. Another person at my barn has these too and she loves them as well. If/When my leathers are at the end of the rode, i will GLADLY buy these again! Thanks Dover! :)
Rylee Lacrosse from FL wrote (December 30, 2011):
these felt and look like nice quality leathers! i received these as a gift to go with my Pessoa, and it is scratching up the flap. i would not recommend these unless you own an HDR, otherwise it will ruin your saddle flaps.
ericka from michigan wrote (May 23, 2011):
nicole the oatbark is the darker one.i did not buy them so i gave it 5 stars for the other reviews.
Nicole from NY wrote (May 19, 2011):
im thinking about getting these leathers. which one is hazlenut and which one is oakbark?
Rob from Texas wrote (March 05, 2011):
Excellent value. I used mine for 3 years before losing one. They were just beginning to crack and I haven't been that meticulous about oiling them. I put a LOT of pressure on these, and they held up.
Lauren from Colorado wrote (February 19, 2011):
this are great i love them they are very pretty and match my saddle great the only problem is after a few uses they start to crack
Ashley from Maine wrote (December 25, 2010):
I just LOVE these! I got them for Christmas and couldn't be happier! When I first got them I thought I'd have to sit there for a while cleaning them to soften them up. But, I didn't at all. They were already soft and the most amazing stirrup leathers I'd ever gotten! And, thanks to Dover, they are at a very low price. Love em!
Scarlett from n/a wrote (December 20, 2010):
These are such a pain to adjust, they are really hard to pull up and down. I've conditioned them around 70 times already and they're still terrible. Other than that they at least look good, although the hazelnut color is REALLY light.
Anonymous from California wrote (December 03, 2010):
My trainer recommended these leathers for a fairly good price. Overall, only a fair buy. The pictures are pretty true to color, but the lighter color is a bit orange, but darkened up nicely with some glycerin soap. However, at first when I got them, they were peeling on the back. Of course Dover returned them and when receiving the new pair ,they were a bit better. However, when I adjusted them, I ride at the same stirrup hole, and there was a black bend line across the whole I have them on... so overall. invest in something a little more pricy that's better quality
Michele from Virginia wrote (November 05, 2010):
EXCELLENT quality at an amazing price! I bought these at a Dover retail store so I could feel the leather, and I am extremely happy with my purchase.
Shayna from California wrote (September 20, 2010):
I've used these leathers numerous times before and here's my honest opinion of them. I love them! They are so easy to adjust, especially mounted, I have never needed help at all to change them. The holes are pretty nicely spread apart, maybe a little bit too far apart. My only thing that I'm not absolutely in love with is that they are extremely long. I am a fairly tall person, so they are on a low number, but the extra leather flaps and is really long. Other than that, I love them!
Penny Gallonio from New York wrote (June 05, 2009):
Excellent quality. Good buy for the price.
Patrick from N/A wrote (January 12, 2009):
Great leathers! Cheap, and they look great and match my saddle. A great buy. Nice enough for showing too!