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Barb Clark from Michigan wrote (December 16, 2010):
The Rambo arrived just in time for record cold and lots of snow. I know I've spent more than the price of a Rambo on an assortment of lesser quality blankets, and wish I had gotten a Rambo sooner. It eliminates concern over sturdiness, warmth, and waterproofing, particularly in extreme weather.
Beth from New York wrote (February 25, 2010):
I never blanketed my kids, but they are getting older now and we were having a cold winter. The stable owner recommended the Rambo so that is what I went for. Wonderful blanket. Both great fits on my two little angels. And they stay put whether playing or rolling. I would highly recommend this blanlket.
Caralyn from Indiana wrote (October 08, 2009):
I purchased the Rambo Original Heavy Turnout blanket 15 (yes, FIFTEEN!) years ago for my Thoroughbred, and it is the only kind of turnout blanket that has not rubbed him raw. It is extremely durable--I have used it every winter for these past 15 years for 10-12 hour daily turnouts.It has held up through repeated washings and the antics of my horse's more curious turnout-mates. It is WELL worth the investment and I would not hesitate to purchase another Rambo blanket.
Gabrielle Gordon from MD wrote (March 26, 2009):
This is the best blanket the barn owner and I have ever owned. The barn owner owns very many of these blankets and she puts them on crazy thoroughbreds who fool around alot in the field. These blankets have never ripped. I highly recommend it. The price is totally worth it. It last for YEARS!
Sarah from MI wrote (December 20, 2008):
This blanket is well worth the money. I've had mine for 4 years, and after washing it with Rambo Wash, it always looks brand new. I don't have a single rip in it and it's still waterproof. My horse is always cozy warm and dry.