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Awesome Blanket
Two Dog Owner from NC wrote (October 08, 2012):
Ive had this blanket for 10+ years and it has gotten a ton of use because my dog is outside a lot. The only issue was that one of the nylon straps started to come unstitched, but that was an easy fix. This blanket still looks almost new and is holding up well. I hand wash it in the bathtub, but I have thrown it in the washer a few times. I also bought the cheaper one that Dover offers and it is nice too. The nylon is thinner and its not quite as nice as this one, but still nice for the price.
Lauren from CA wrote (December 16, 2010):
It looks like it would be amazing but I wish they had a smaller size, one of my dogs is a teacup maltese who tends to get cold, he's around 10-12 inches
Jessica's Mom from NY wrote (October 29, 2010):
I love love love these! We have a 118 lb bull mastiff and this was the ONLY "COAT" WE COULD FIND TO FIT HER! I bought the coat at a tack store where they were sold (on advice of one of the major pet retailers) because the other stores xxl simply wouldn't fit her around the belly. She loves it and when it gets cold outside, she waits for her coat patiently. I've also noticed her hip and shoulder joints keep warm when the cold makes her a little achy. She is able to stay out a little longer and play a little more when she wears her coat. Kudos to Dover Saddlery. Seems like they are one of the few places I can get stuff for our big girl, Jessica. Thanks!
ardy germaine from washington wrote (October 21, 2008):
i have purchased 4 of these blankets for my boxers and they never go outdoors in the winter with out there blankets if i forget to put on for them they just stand there waiting for me to remember their blankets these blankets wash up like new every time the dogs love them
Peggy from Maryland wrote (October 01, 2008):
I first bought this blanket for my labrador retriever years ago, then 5 years after that bought another one for my Golden Retriever. I give these a 5-star rating. They are easy to put on, have a very warm lining, and rain, sleet, snow, hail cannot penetrate the cover. Our dogs love parading outside in the cold with these on. They hold their heads up very proudly. Honestly, I think these are the BEST blankets that you can get for your dog(s) ---- well worth the cost.