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Perfect! So Cute!
Hannah from WI wrote (September 15, 2012):
I have these in purple sparkly (although i dont see those here) and they are so cute on my flea bitten gray gelding! yes i know, purple sparkly isnt a color for a gelding but hey I am 13 and I like them. He hasn't lost one yet and he goes outside daily for around seven hours and i ride him three times a week. The only con is that the velcro straps rip off so I have to repair them or improvise something else for them. I give these two thumbs up!
Angela, Dover Saddlery Inquiries Department from MA Call Center wrote (July 21, 2011):
To Bernie in Maryland: This item is sold in pairs. If you order one pair of these bell boots, you will receive two pieces. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Representatives at 800-989-1500, or email at Thank you, Angela G Dover Saddlery Customer Service 800-989-1500
Bernie from MD wrote (July 20, 2011):
Do these boots come in pairs of 2 or 4?
Ivey from GA wrote (March 17, 2011):
I bought these bell boots in yellow. I really like the color and the Velcro stays very well. The Velcro on once of my bell boots is actually coming off. I have had them for a while now.
Sophie from CA wrote (January 14, 2011):
I just got these in the mail today and I thought they would be lighter, but they're right yellow. Just what I was hoping for, something to glow when i'm out on the XC course! The one thing i don't like it how big they are, I got the medium and I think they will be too big for my horse. So you might want to order a size smaller..
Sofia from MD wrote (December 26, 2010):
Loved them! I got these as a lime green pair for christmas...the color isn't really a neon lime green but it's cute. The velcro stays on VERY well, plus these boots are so easy to clean - just wash them off after every ride!
Dover Saddlery Employee from MA wrote (July 28, 2010):
@Pat, I'm sorry you were unhappy with the color. We have checked, and we think, perhaps, you may have been sent the wrong item, as the correct boots truly are pastel pink. If you would like to exchange them for the right pair, or speak with a customer ser
Pat from MN wrote (July 27, 2010):
I bought a pair of these for my tb mare in pink, to go along with my pink jumping boots. These were hot pink, while the jumping boots were the pastel color shown.
Laura from Maryland wrote (March 26, 2010):
If you have a horse that wears hind shoes and overreaches alot I would not recommend these. They rip very easily. Mine only lasted a month. Also, they seem to run larger than the ribbed bell boots.
Erin(: from MA wrote (March 16, 2010):
I do nopt own a pair but at the last barn i went 2 like every1 there had them and they let me use them. they fit great and r really awesome. but on 1, i think it was an older pair but i dk had 1 strap ripped off. but overall they seemed awesome! :]
Kelsey from MS wrote (May 22, 2009):
i was worried about the no-ribbed thing but it makes them easer to clean! after every use i just hose them off and they look brand new! but where the velcro is attached to the boot it is starting to wrip. be careful when you undo the velcro and they are awsome. i have had mine for a year now. the velcrow stays togeather verry well when being used overall they are awsome boots and worth the money!!
monique from florida wrote (December 06, 2008):
My horse has owned a pair of pink ones for 2 yrs now and thier still awsome and durable !!!!
james from ....... wrote (December 02, 2008):
these boots are great on my 17.3 horse, but i do find that they turn when he hits them a little to hard,or we are going to fast. Also they do get dirty when I'm in the sand arena so you have to clean them after you use them. Over all they are worth the money.