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mozzy from MA wrote (January 11, 2012):
cute boots! I didn't have a problem with the size like a lot of the reviewers, they definitely run a bit bigger than your standard old school impossible-to-get-on-or-off-rubber bellies but I thought they fit much better and are certainly more durably. I've had mine for six years now, and while I don't use them every day, they certainly get use and are still going strong. My only problem with them is they can show dirt pretty easily since they're clearish and you can see the dirt on the inside AND outside. Easy to clean though, just hose off or rinse and throw in the laundry. Tough, pretty boot for the money.
Need To have XXL
Emma from IL wrote (December 30, 2011):
I bought these boots for my new purebred 16hh Friesian gelding. I LOVE sparkles and my cross country colors are green and purple. I was so excited! I put them on and could barley close them. I rode in my lesson and there was about two inches of his hoof exposed because they needed to be longer. I wish they were made in am XXL because then it would probably fit, and he isnt even that big!
Katie from VA wrote (March 29, 2011):
Very nice boots, I love the glittery colors they come in. They last forever, but they do run quite large. My 15 hand mare with fairly stocky legs wears a small.
Lauren from PA wrote (December 22, 2010):
Tried these boots twice. First time - fit the horse well (QH, size L) and I was surprised by how long they lasted (he typically destroys bell boots within 2 weeks). Second time, different horse - did not fit horse at all (short appendix, size M). Way too long, even after trimming them shorter, so they're just sitting in a tackbox somewhere.
Bernadette from GA wrote (September 06, 2010):
I purchased these boots for my 17.3 warmblood who usally wears a davis boot XL. I was disappointed when they arrived and were too small for my guy. The XL size was just big enough to fit another horse in the barn that normally wears large bell boots.
Claire from mi wrote (July 28, 2010):
They have a Tendency to slip. The Velcro started to come off the first week I had them. Don't get a light color. They get really dirty. Easy to clean. They take a while to get on and off.
Katie :) from WI wrote (July 19, 2010):
They slip a lot!! Plus the sizes run HUGE!! I got some for my pony, and they don't fit at all. And they are smalls. :( Don't buy these unless your horse/pony has very fat legs. :)
Karly from MA wrote (July 03, 2010):
I really liked these bell boots, there sizes are a bit larger than normally, but they fit my Warmblood really well. Only problem is.. Sometimes she can be a little crazy in turn out and one time she ripped the velcro right off. Other than that there really cute/good boots for hacking around!
Brittany from Connecticut wrote (May 01, 2010):
I bought these boots for my Morgan who usually wears a size medium boot. These medium boots were huge on him. The boots ended up fitting my belgian thoroughbred who wears a size large to extra-large. Even a small may be too big for my horse.
Elizabeth Smith from Virginia wrote (April 25, 2010):
I use bell boots on my thoroughbred mare for turnout. After about 4 weeks of use, the velcro came off of one of the boots. I would not recommend these for turnout.
Brynn from Colorado wrote (January 27, 2010):
These boots work really well and they look great on my horse.
erin :] from ma wrote (January 13, 2010):
i LUV these boots. they r sooo cute! and very affordable. :)BUY THESE BOOTS! =]
Renae from Texas wrote (December 03, 2009):
The sparkles are cute. These boots are a little large, but I actually like the way they fit... they cover just about the entire hoof. I have a 3 1/2 yr old that loves to play and usually destroys his boots in a month's time. I originally bought these to protect a hoof injury and he wears his 24/7. He's been wearing these about 6 weeks now and they are still in perfect condition. I will definitely buy these again (if I ever have to!).
karen from alabama wrote (November 16, 2009):
strong material. Good quality. longer than most boots so it will cover the shoe and protect it from being pulled off.
polly from virginia wrote (July 24, 2009):
i love them! they are worth getting.
Melonie from Iowa wrote (July 05, 2009):
I love these bootsthey are cute and are great for my horse who overreaches alot. It took 3yrs for them to die. But I agree that they do run large, but not a big deal for the price.
gabby from VA wrote (June 22, 2009):
they run a little large. it took 2 years of lessons 2X a week for these babies to die!
Alex from NY wrote (November 01, 2008):
These boots are great not only are they cute but pretty strong, it took almost a year before the boot broke but in the mud in upstate NY thats pretty good. I love them