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Angela; Dover Saddlery Inquiries Department from MA wrote (August 15, 2011):
To Frida in Florida: Thanks for your review on these Pessoa Fleece-Lined Open Front boots! Our sizing runs as follows: P/S= Pony Size C/S = Cob Size F/S= Full (horse) Size O/S = Over Size (Warmbloods, draft crosses, etc) When you purchased these boots in Europe as a size Medium, you bought what we refer to as "F/S," so if you need a larger boot the O/S should work for you. If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Service by calling 800-989-1500 or emailing Thank you, Angela G Dover Saddlery Inquiries Department Customer Service 800-989-1500
Frida from Florida wrote (August 12, 2011):
I bought these for my old horse, and they were wonderful - the leather was high quality and they looked good even after a lot of hard use. I bought them in Europe and I got a medium, but I don't really understand the sizes here. I suppose F/S is full, but what is O/S equivalent to? Medium?
Rachel from Nowhere wrote (January 29, 2011):
I LOVE these boots. The sheepskin lining is wonderful, and the leather is very high quality. I highly recommend them.
AKC from Arizona wrote (February 08, 2010):
These boots are lovely and classic. They took oil well and turned a beautiful rich brown. I love the natural-coloured sheepskin and that there is just enough. I have a fine-boned Thoroughbred eq horse and lots of fleece and button closures just make his legs look silly. These boots fit perfectly in the medium size and look stunning on him. A classic boot nice enough for the medals and eq.
Katie from NJ wrote (August 25, 2009):
These are high quality durable and appealing leather boots. I love them!
sara from virgina wrote (June 19, 2009):
these rock i love them
Julie from California wrote (May 29, 2009):
I have tried a number of open front boots but nothing fit my large Thoroughbred. These boots are great for those horses that have larger legs. They fit perfectly and are well made. Most importantly, they conform to the leg and are comfortable for my horse!
Review from California wrote (May 25, 2009):
Excellent Leather quality. Sheepskin prevents chafing and irritation. They even work for showing. The crossing buckles make them fit any horse so I use them on all my horses
Corine from NJ wrote (May 21, 2009):
When I purchased these Boots for my appendix qh I was worried the regular size wold not fit my horse. Upon arrival I tried Them on and they fit perfectly.I used them to show in 2'9" Hunters.I always get compliments
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
These boots are great for hard to fit horses as they have brass buckles rather than other fittings as other open front boots have. Wonderful, attractive, what more could one ask for?