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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Anna from CA wrote (May 31, 2012):
I love these boots! I haven't had any problems with them and the hold up very well. They look great on horses and are easy to put on and take off. The sizes are accurate too.
Great boots!
McKenzie from WA wrote (April 27, 2012):
I've been using these boots on my mare's front legs for 4 years now, and they are just now needing to be replaced - I could keep using them, but they are starting to come apart a little on the bottom where they occasionally rub together. I have found the durability to be great, and they are easy to put on. My only complaint is that they are difficult to get clean - I've put mine through the wash multiple times, and hand-scrubbed them, but some stains do remain. I would definitely recommend these!
Very Nice Product
Kathi from IL wrote (April 03, 2012):
I bought these trying to find a sport boot with fleece that wasn't ALL fleece. I do like these better than the Dover sport boots (Sorry Dover) as they aren't overloaded with fleece and aren't so bulky.. They fit better and I like the "cuffed" bottom.
Kat from CA wrote (September 01, 2011):
These boots are great! My instructor gave them to me when I purchased my first horse (about a month ago) in the white color (my horse is grey). The fleece looks especially pretty and they have held up very well. The only reason I give it a 4 is because they never fully clean, even if you do run it through the wash.
C O from Virginia wrote (June 11, 2011):
I had bought these boots for both the front and hind legs and I was disappointed. They wore out and fell apart. I will not be buying these boots again.
CP from BC wrote (August 13, 2010):
I love these boots. However, on two pairs, I've had the bottom edging wear out after two months. The pink neoprene can also bleed through when washed leaving portions of the white boots pink. I prefer the original DSB's to the DSB 2's.
Lexie from MN wrote (August 11, 2010):
I love these boots! I have had mine for almost two years and I use them all the time. They still look like new! I have never had any problems with stitching or with them falling apart, even though I ride inside and out on trails and wash them in the washing machine. These boots are a good buy and are great for everyday use on any horse!
MLH from PA wrote (March 09, 2010):
These are the most durable dressage sport boots on the market. The Dover brand and other look-alikes don't last NEARLY as long. And they hold up better than the regular DSBs with the material along the bottom, the others wear and the stitching will tear which makes them fall apart. These are BY FAR the best boots out there!
Diana from Missouri wrote (October 27, 2009):
I ;ove the way these look and the sheepskin material was so soft against the horses legs but the bottom line is: don't waste your money. Within two months, with every day use, these boots fell apart. Three of us at our barn had them and all of us had the same result. If you ride often and need a sturdy and serviceable boot...look elsewhere.
Courtney from ID wrote (August 25, 2009):
Would rather spend my money on Dover Pro boots. I have only had these boots for a couple months now and they are already starting to fall apart. If you are going to use these boots heavily i wouldn't recommend these : [
Ashley from FL wrote (July 28, 2009):
awesome boots, made well, and my horses legs don't sweat too much with them on(i live in FL). They are similar to the dover pros. I like them alot!
Melonie from Iowa wrote (July 05, 2009):
I LOVE these boots. They are great for everyday or for shows. They hold up to heavy work and are easy to clean. Great buy I have these for all my horses easy to put on and off.