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No windpuffs!
Stephanie from BC wrote (September 25, 2012):
Love these boots. They are super easy to use, very supportive, easy to wash and most importantly, they work wonders on my horse's legs. I have a 13 year old warmblood who does everything from hunter/jumper to dressage, to extreme trails. He has large splints on his front legs and gets bad windpuffs. These boots give him the protection he needs without putting pressure on his splints. After I riding with them his legs are significantly smaller, tighter and are a consistent temperature. His legs never overheat in them, but as recommended, I usually use them 1 week on, 1 week off.
They do their job
Anonymous from TX wrote (August 01, 2012):
These boots do what they say they do. My horse gets very stocked up in her hind legs, so I use these boots and the swelling is usually completely gone by the end of the ride. While they aren't ventilated, they don't seem to overheat her legs even in the blistering summer. They provide shock absorption for horses who tend to hit themselves and loop across their fetlock to support the suspensory ligament. They also last well; mine still look new after several months of use.