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Love these boots!
mle212 from IL wrote (April 18, 2012):
These are fabulous boots! I've always been a fan of SMB's but they really improved on their design with the VenTech. My horse's legs were completely cool when I took them off. I think he really liked them! They fit really well and are very supportive. Nice choice of colors too. I highly recommend these, they are worth the money!!!
Cindy from Oregon wrote (March 04, 2011):
These are excellent boots! I got a full set of the new Ventech elite boots when my older elite boots wore out (after 4 years of constant use). The new ones are more breathable and stretchy for a super close fit. Great protection and support, and seem very comfortable for my horse.
Ashley from Houston wrote (September 20, 2010):
These boots are AMAZING! They come in pretty pink, those are the ones I have. The only problem is my horse is afraid of velcro...
Aliyah from WI wrote (July 19, 2010):
These are awesome boots! I ride my horse about 5 or 6 times a week and we have them on every time! With their design sand doesnt get in and my horses legs dont sweat as much with the new VenTech! Buy these boots there awesome!!