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Jenna from CA wrote (August 08, 2012):
I love these gloves. I have a pair for schooling and a pair for showing. I have used both for several years now. These gloves hold up very nicely and they last a long time. They still have no holes and have no spots where they are worn real thin. They look great and feel very nice in the hand.
Kassie from FL wrote (June 07, 2012):
Wonderful quality and craftsmanship. I have owned these gloves for almost 2 1/2 years and they have no holes, tears, and barely have any wear on them. These gloves have seen many hours of riding and I will definitely buy more.
Karen from FL wrote (March 20, 2012):
These gloves are wonderful. The material is very soft and high quality. The colors are beautiful. They stay nice in all weather.
Jessica from TN wrote (March 06, 2012):
The colors are beautiful. The gloves last well. They are very lightweight and stretchy. They work well for schooling and showing. They are nice to use during hot days as well as cooler days.
Shannon from CA wrote (February 08, 2012):
So comfortable. Lightweight and very stretchy, but they maintain their size and shape. Very true to size. Instantly break in. The leather is very soft and the colors are beautiful! I would buy a thousand pairs if they had that many colors! They are very cool and breathe well.
Sophie from WI wrote (August 05, 2011):
WONDERFUL gloves! Super soft leather, very supple with a great grip. Has a true fit. These are overall great gloves, I will definitely buy these again. Thanks Dover!!
Mary Phillips from VI wrote (January 04, 2011):
Worst gloves I ever bought, I would never recommend these gloves.
Sarah from Florida wrote (December 06, 2010):
Great gloves! They are super comfortable, and have an excellent grip. After months of hard daily use slight wear is starting to show in the ring finger of each glove, but it's hardly noticable. During the sweltering Florida summers it's hard to find gloves that keep your hands cool, but these are amazing. I highly recomend them! [On a side note, the picture of the brown gloves shown does them no justice. They're actually really pretty.]
Alice from Kentucky wrote (April 26, 2010):
Great gloves! super comfy and flexible!Several months of hard wear have produced a large hole in each thumb, but I am going to buy another pair!
Dana from Massachusetts wrote (April 22, 2010):
Love these gloves. Great fit and they are comfortable and flexible as the description says. I have not had any problems with slipping the grip is great.
Petra from FL wrote (March 24, 2010):
Great gloves. good gri, last a long time. good fit. And i discovered they work on my iphone's touch screen!!!
Allison from Washington wrote (May 01, 2009):
Great gloves, breathable and durable. Slippery when they are first used, but are fine by the second ride. They don't wear as fast as more expensive gloves. Worn them everyday for 2 years and they are still in good shape.