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Somebody from OH wrote (September 30, 2012):
I got these for Christmas of 2011 and I love them! They have held up so well and I have a longer finger so these are great. The royal blue is very pretty, almost a Carribean blue. You can actually put these in the wash, just take them out halfway thru the dry cycle and towl dry them. I would definitley reccomend these gloves.
love it!!
hailoh from DE wrote (September 03, 2012):
i got the black ones, and i really like how it grips. itsw really cool in the summer, thats why i got it becuz i dont ride in the winter that much. i just hate how it duznt fit my hand, because my fingers are long, so when i tried the bigger size my hands were too skinny
Julia from wrote (April 06, 2012):
These gloves are so cool in the summer! And fairly decent in fall and spring! Comfy and fun. I have the bright pink ones and the picture doesn't do it justice on how bright they are!
Chrissy from MA wrote (November 12, 2011):
These gloves are IMPOSSIBLE to breack in! I had them last winter and they r comfortable but the dont fit to ur hand very well (at least my hand) and they dont keep your hands very warm either. it is just fleece on the inside so its not the best for brutal winters like i had last year.