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Cheater Velcro
from OH wrote (September 24, 2012):
These didn't work for us. The velcro didn't stick on one of the legs, and the strap came off--time and again--while daughter was riding. Disappointingly unreliable.
Anna from MD wrote (February 12, 2012):
As a rider still in garters, I love these! I often would put traditional garters on wrong while getting dressed before early morning horse shows, but these fix that problem! My "cheater garters", as my trainer calls them, are super easy to take on and off, and don't bind my leg at all. I highly recommend them!
Gail Schyhol from Florida wrote (March 02, 2010):
My children and I had a preview of this item at a local show and they are the more fighting to get them on and the kids loved the way they didn't bind at the leg...they found them to be comfortable. A
Brad Taylor from CT wrote (March 02, 2010):
My child uses these straps and we love them, they are so easy to use and the quality and workmanship are great. The leather is very high quality, we've struggled for years with the old straps, we simply love these