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best socks ever for summer!
Nicole W. from KY wrote (July 08, 2012):
i love these socks so much! They're thin enough to be nice and cool for kentucky summers but enough to prevent rubbing and provide toe protection in your boots! only problem ive had is that ive been getting black marks from my chaps on them. SO AMAZING
Josi from Minnesota wrote (February 14, 2011):
I love these because they are great in the summer time. I wear them with my zip up boots and find no problem zipping it up. They keep me nice and cool and hopefully will be buying some more for summer time! (:
Mandy from Michigan wrote (June 04, 2010):
They were nice and cool, but I found them to be a bit large and slightly baggy (maybe got a strange pair?). They were super comfortable, but they are NOT a good thing to wear with zip-up field boots. I ended up getting them caught in the zipper, and it was a disaster! The socks were ruined & it was almost impossible to get them out. Luckily the zippers on my boot didn't break in the beware if you're going to wear them with zip-up boots.
Jimmy from Texas wrote (March 06, 2010):
My 11 year old thinks these are the most comfortable riding socks she has. The cool colors don't hurt either.
Sherri Smith from Washington wrote (January 11, 2010):
Love the socks. Not too bulky and soft as can be!
Emily from PA wrote (September 18, 2009):
i love these socks! they definetly keep you cool from the knee down. i would recomend these to anybody