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Karen from WA wrote (March 06, 2012):
My horse is 15.2 hands and very slight in the body. She is an appendix quarter horse. So I bought the pony size. It was huge! Also, it was very low quality.
maye from CA wrote (March 06, 2012):
I have a very large horse so I bought the full size. I had to punch many hole for it to fit and it is still to large. The fabric is very flimsy and the leather very cheap. I am very disappointed at this "professional" quality girth.
Jody from Ohio wrote (September 21, 2011):
Overall good quality. Definitly very loose but there is plenty of room on both sides for punching new holes so not a problem. Padding is pretty hard so I would reccomend also using a thick saddle pad. Best part is lots of rings so you can adjust easily. I would reccomend it.
Mary from Iowa wrote (August 23, 2011):
I bought this surcingle because I needed one at a good price and of good quality. I have only used it once but it is pretty nice. I have a 15hh appy that weighs about 900lbs and the girth on the horse size was way way way too big for him. I have to punch new holes in the leather all the way to the top on both sides to get it to be snug. He is a little chubby at the moment so when he starts to get in shape it will be too bug all over again. The good part about this is that the girth part should be easy to replace and the surcingle itself fits nicely and is of good quality. Overall, I would recommend this to fellow horse people with the comment about girth size.
Nikole from New Hampshire wrote (June 22, 2011):
Well worth the money! I bought the full size surcingle especially because people said it ran on the larger side. Dover does not usually have gear large enough for my percheron/quarter horse but this fit perfectly.
Karen from CA wrote (May 22, 2011):
I bought the surcingle in the pony size. I ride a 15'1 Arabian, and I still had to add holes to tighten the girth so that the surcingle would stay on. It seems to be of good quality (I've only used it twice). I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy it actually is. It was far sturdier than I expected. The pony size would definitely fit any of the lighter breeds of horses, and it might fit a VERY round barreled pony.
Crista Vesel from Idaho wrote (December 27, 2010):
I have used this surcingle for years. It fits medium to large horses and has plenty of rings. With use, some of the rings do pull out, but there are so many that you can utilize others. For the price, this is a great piece of training equipment.
Vinum from CA wrote (December 20, 2010):
This is a great value for the money. The padded area is hard as a rock, and bothered my horses movement. I took a razor blade and pulled the padding out. Now I have a great item that is supple, and comfortable. The item also holds up well if you remove stitching on the side closests to girth buckle. It does run large but fits my 17.1 AQHA and petite thoroughbred with some extra holes punched in. I love all the rings on this surcingle and quality is good for the price.
Alene M from MI wrote (November 22, 2010):
I agree with the others. It's a nice surcingle but really large. It doesn't fit my 15hh horse at all. I had to poke new holes all the way to the top and buy the tiniest dressage girth I could find and it's still loose on him.
Melissa from MA wrote (August 31, 2010):
I recently stopped using this surcingle, basically because every ring has been ripped off! I did not find it to last very long and it is WAY too large There needs to be more reinforcement in the workmanship and different colors and a cob sized option...
Megan H from CA wrote (July 10, 2010):
I think you should order the size you would normally get then just punch the holes to fit your horse. This way you have a great product to use and it customized to your horse!
Mary J from CA wrote (July 02, 2010):
Product looks to be a great item, but is huge on my average sized QH. So I ordered the cob size and that is way too small. Need a size that is in between to fit average horses!
Cristie from Texas wrote (July 02, 2010):
Very high quality for the price. The only problem I had was that it is very large, and I have a 17HH ISH! I have it on the last hole on both sides and it is still not tight. Very strange and unexpected as I am continually having to buy him larger sizes of most tack items.
Megan H from Ca wrote (June 29, 2010):
I love this surcingle! Its very sturdy and durable plus it stays in place! I ordered the full size and it was big for the horses that I work with but the leathers are long enough to punch holes for a better, more "customized" fit. Which is great in my case. I just wish it came in other colors besides green.
Amanda from GA wrote (June 10, 2010):
This is the only surcingle I have used, and the only one I want to use. It has a loop under the belly, so you can run the side reins through there too. It stays in place, and is a great buy. I use this on my mare that I got straight from the track, and she rounds up great!
Anonomous from NJ wrote (March 08, 2010):
Should i get the pony size, since it has been huge on all of your horses?
Ashley from Maine wrote (March 03, 2010):
I love this surcingle, it's easy to use and stays in place, my only complaint was that I had to punch new holes in it because it fit my mare too big, it even was big on another horse that I tried it on so I knew it wasn't just my mare, I'm pretty rough on my tack and this doesn't even look like it's been used! it's a great product
Chrissy from NJ wrote (January 27, 2010):
Excellent product, withstands abuse, very adjustable. Wish the D rings 'stood up' so the lines didn't get caught up so easily, but its certainly fine to use. Love it.
Aliyah from Wisconsin wrote (January 04, 2010):
This is the best surcingle ever!!! I use it every day!!! it holds up well!!! you get your moneys right!!
Cindy from MA wrote (August 07, 2009):
I do like this Surcingle, however I would LOVE it if the "D" rings were changed to "O" rings because the "D" rings tend to rotate and the lines get stuck. Other than that I am satisfied with it.
Sabine from Wa wrote (July 09, 2009):
Denise Tursi from CT wrote (April 30, 2009):
Only had it a short time, but it works great, would purchase it again.