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Good Surcingle
M from NY wrote (June 04, 2012):
Designed to fit over the saddle as in Classical Training. Many good size D rings for multiple settings. I wish this surcingle had the large raised turret rings on top for long lining. The edging down the sides make it more durable than Dover's green surcingle.
Katie from Texas wrote (February 18, 2010):
Very good quality product. Great for lunging with nice options for side rein placement. The lowest set ring is a nice touch. It is a bit on the larger side, which is a nice fit for my warmblood! Definitely worth it for the price!
Shana from CT wrote (May 12, 2009):
I have not found a horse that this will fit, it is HUGE on all of them, from Arab crosses to the biggest QH you can find! If I can not find a smaller girth then I am going to have to buy a new one, and this one has barely been used!
Anne Smith from AZ wrote (April 23, 2009):
I returned the surcingle. For long lining fixed stand-up rings necessary for clarity. For what it was, materials and workmanship fine.