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Danielle from FL wrote (August 26, 2012):
I'm very upset with this watch. I ordered it, got it yesterday, and opened it. First, the box looks like someone else has already used it. I'm pretty positive this watch was one that was returned. Then, I went to see how it worked. Welllll, I don't have a Count Up mode, AT ALL. And the second button doesn't work, which is one thing I'll need to put in my optimum time. Very upset, will be returning it and I'm hoping Dover will send me one that doesn't have defects.
Abby from MD wrote (May 14, 2012):
This watch is definitely not as well made as the typical yellow one, but I love the colors and really haven't had a problem with mine. My mare even had a bit of a mishap and ended up falling on it, and it didn't break, but I guess that's just the luck of the draw. For me, it's worked wonderfully, rain or shine!
KB from A wrote (April 03, 2011):
I honestly have nooo idea why this watch is getting bad reviews! This watch is awesome! It's simple to use and has very clear numbers! Def 5 stars!
BSM from AZ wrote (March 25, 2011):
I love all the colors this watch comes in. The new designs are water resistant too. Easy to change the battery when needed. Perfect for what I need. Thanks
krista from californa wrote (March 03, 2011):
i love this watch it works great and easy to use. buy it
Rachel from MD wrote (January 19, 2011):
I will only use "the Yellow Watch" from now on. This one is cheaper and I love the colors it comes in but it was awful. I used mine for one summer (used at least once a week for trot sets and for xc). I took it home for the winter and when I tried to use it for my first event of the season it was dead- tried to get at the batteries to change them but didn't work. So I had to pay to replace it at the event (had to buy Bit of Britain, sorry guys!)- I bought the compact version of the big yellow watch made by the same company. I LOVE that watch and with the warranty I expect it to hold up for much longer.
Kate from Iowa wrote (July 09, 2010):
The colors are great. I like the watch, but the shipping was really lame. I ordered it from Dovers and it took 14 days to get to me after it was shipped. Next time they need to put in a USPS box and send it out and I would get it in 3-5 days. And the cost would be less than half the shipping cost I paid.
Emily from KS wrote (May 29, 2010):
worst watch! mine broke right before the day of x-country! i never even got to use it in a show! definitely wouldn't reccomend this watch, hopefully will get the other eventing watch.
kristen from AL wrote (May 21, 2010):
I don't recommend this watch. The first one I got, was missing buttons. The second one I got, froze up when I was in warmup at my first horse trial! I got the other watch and it was well worth the extra money. I have had no problems with it!
Anonumous from New Jersey wrote (March 02, 2010):
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what they got instead of this watch, mine broke within the the first three minutes of my course.
Lizzie from Iowa wrote (January 31, 2010):
Have one of these watches-love that they come in colors, that they beep at the minutes, and that they count up or down. My only complaint was that eventers would really benefit from a waterproof watch since we ride in all conditions and it could get splashed in the water jumps. I rode in rain at a horse trial last year and while it lasted through my warmup I looked down on course and the screen was blank. I thought maybe when it dried out it would "wake up" but it hasn't so I need to replace it and probably will with a different watch
Tori from Colorado wrote (October 01, 2009):
For me, this watch seemed to be a great bargin compared to the regular $100 dollar one. I have had no problems with the watch itself,for 2 years its worked great, I have a problem with the description. It says "counts up or down with a beep at every minute" this is false! it does not beep at every minute it countdown mode! It only beeps once counting up again. Dissapointed with the false advertising.
Angela from AL wrote (September 14, 2009):
This has got to be the crappiest watch out there. I went to a show with my FIRST one and it fell out of the case, i had the band on my arm but no watch. and my SECOND one just quit after maybe a month of use.
Andrea from MI wrote (August 02, 2009):
Well I'll never know if this watch works well because the batteries that came already installed were already FAULTY before the box was even opened! The watch kept resetting itself and failing to perform any function for more than a few seconds, and I had a watch repair guy look at it and he proclaimed it busted right from the get-go. Very poor construction, I was very dissapointed.
Laura from Ontario wrote (July 27, 2009):
After only 4 shows the function of the watch stuck and I'm having a terrible time trying to get the tiny screws to come out so I can try and see if taking the battery out will reset it.
sara from virginia wrote (November 30, 2008):
I was not happy with this product at all. The button broke off when I opened it up for the first time. I could not believe it for the price I payed. I do not recomend this product for numerous reasons. It is very cheaply made and just bad quality.