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Lasts super long!
Melissa from MD wrote (March 24, 2012):
At first sight, this pitchfork looks weak. But it's not! It's funny, I've used it for years before a spoke broke, and I had to buy another. I had to settle for a different brand. Well, let's see... this particular pitchfork didn't break for about 5 years. The one I had to settle for broke after the second use! Yes. They were both plastic. But this one lasts soo long!! I would definitely recommend it!
Megan from NC wrote (October 18, 2011):
We have owned this pitchfork since 1982,(29 yrs) Yes the same one. Lite, put very durable our daughter,age 37 just bought Percheron she uses hers everyday. She did try to get ours but ans. was NO buy you own. I'm order us an xtra 1 great prices ours was about $50. Our Neighbors borrow ours to put out mulch & I fluff our pinestraw around house.