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durable and stays put
km from OK wrote (September 12, 2012):
This is the only blanket I will buy for my little thoroughbred. She is only 15 hands but has a very deep chest, and the gussets let this fit her perfectly. It is a little long, but this has not caused any problems. My horse has full turn out and can be very rough on blankets, but these generally last her about 2 seasons. She will gallop around the field in her blanket, and it does not hinder her movement or slide around. I do have to also get her a stretchy shoulder guard to put under the blanket to prevent bald spots, but I have had to do this for every blanket and flysheet I have ever bought. I love the front clipping system with the rotating clip heads and the velcro panel underneath. Really keeps the blanket secure.
Wonderful Blanket!
S. King from WA wrote (March 26, 2012):
Several horses in the barn I work at have these blankets. What I like most is that this style fits a wide variety of horses, we have everything from narrow Thoroughbreds to wide ponies and the necks on these blankets fit them all. In fact the only style of the Rider's International Blankets that doesn't do that are the stable blankets. I also love (as another reviewer mentioned) that the clips on the chest straps aren't sewn on so they can easily be replaced with clips from the local feed store instead of having to send it out to the blanket laundry/repair service. Durable and wash up like new. Love these blankets!
Quality and Consistency
Lori from IL wrote (March 02, 2012):
I own 4 Riders International blankets in various weights. They are great quality and a super value. They wash and hold up well. I also appreciate that the fit is consistent from style to style ... if your horse measures 80, the blanket will fit an 80. I had a terrible time with Weatherbeeta. Their sizing varies by style, which gets very expensive if you're shipping back and forth to get the right size. I highly recomment Riders International. These blankets will serve you well for many years.
Great blanket
W from GA wrote (January 06, 2012):
Many blankets are almost as good as this one, but the reason this one stands out? You can replace the chest clips!! Why other makers don't do this I can't figure out. The front chest clips aren't sewn onto the nylon chest straps, they are looped through and buckled in so they can be totally replaced and look like new again. Weatherbeetas and such actually sew the clip onto the strap, and you have to replace the entire nylon or "rig" it with a clip which looks stupid. This blanket hold up in the pasture. I've had one for 11 years and I still use it! Wish the tail flap was a little more substantial, but this is still the best blanket deal you can buy.
Lynn from Maryland wrote (December 12, 2011):
I haven't bought another style blanket since this one came out. I have a very thin skinned TB who doesn't get much of a winter coat, yet, this blanket is warm enough that he can go out in rain or snow and be comfortable. The blanket is warm without being "heavy" (in weight) or bulky. In 5 seasons I have only had to sew up one very small tear despite the fact this horse is turned out with other horses that enjoy playing halter and blanket tag on a daily basis. I just wish Rider's would bring back the Navy with Hunter Trim and Navy with Burgundy Trim color scheme they had when this blanket first came out.