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Poor Quality - Not Built to Last
Dani from CO wrote (September 18, 2012):
I have a number of horses with different brands of blankets (Rambo, Rhino, Weatherbeeta, Baker, Centaur) and this is by far the worst brand as it is not built to last. I understand it is impossible to have a truly indestructable blanket however this is not holding up compared to the other blankets - the amount of repairs I have had to make is substantially higher. From another review, it appears the quality has suffered of late. Extremely disappointed!
Good for the price
Kelly from VA wrote (March 10, 2012):
I bought this for my mare when she had just arrived at our barn. She was new so of course she did get a little beat up and so did her blanket. Within a week half of the fleece at the withers had been ripped off, one of the buckles wouldn't snap shut completely and there were many little rips. I had hoped that it would hold up a bit better :(
Unfortunately not made to last
Cat from FL wrote (February 09, 2012):
I've been through 3 Supreme Turnouts and none have lasted more than a week. The last one ripped right at the seam. I thought it was my horse's turnour buddies, then the paddock, but it's none of these. These sheets used to be good, but something seems to have changed.
Wonderful TO
Deb from NY wrote (December 22, 2011):
Love the fit on my quarter horse! Love the snaps. Love the color. The Dover staff was amazing with their knowledge & information. THANK YOU !
Erica Curtis from Washington wrote (November 09, 2011):
I have had this blanket for 3 or 4 years now. I have never seen a horse been as rough on a blanket as my little mare, I have had two blankets twice its price rip after a year with her, but this one did not =D. It unfortuanltely finally died this year and is in need of a replacement. Will never use anything but Rider's International again.