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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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CR from MA wrote (July 29, 2010):
Love it. Nice texture and covers my horse's nose so she doesn't get sun burnt.
Paula from MA wrote (July 12, 2010):
My horse has a very white face and blue eye so needs protection from the bugs and the sun. I have used this mask for turnout for going on 3 seasons--only one tiny hole. The finer mesh is comfortable for the horse and provides better visibility.
Jodi from AZ wrote (May 11, 2010):
Previous reviews state this is not good for turnout or horses in pasture. My comment is that it depends upon your horse. My horse is in turnout most of the day with other horses and it has lasted well over a year. It's the only one I will buy. It is more delicate than other masks but also doesn't rub and allows for better sight. Well worth the price. A
Horse Owner from NY wrote (September 18, 2009):
Great product. Serves its purpose well. Actually used during lunging when the knats were especially bad....nice to have the horse focused on me and not the insects. Not to be used for's too delicate for that purpose.
Vikki from North Carolina wrote (July 10, 2009):
I have used it twice now on a trail ride and I found that it works great. I woud recommend it to anyone who does a lot of trail riding. It took longer to get to get to me, but customer service was quick with answering any questions that I had.
Patsy from NY wrote (June 26, 2009):
Don't buy this for pasture use! My TB had it trashed before the bill came.; he's very sensitive to flies so I leave a mask on 24/7 and wanted the best. Fortunately, Cashel promptly replaced it with another that I will save for riding and I truly appreciate their customer service.